Are you in the process of buying a home? You can find affordable ways to save money on a new or even a current homeowners insurance policy, when using it only takes just a few minutes to get affordable quotes from multiple home insurance agencies in Raleigh. Insurance Raleigh provides resources to help you understand more about your homeowners insurance coverage, plus we can provide discounts and savings to you when discovering new homeowners insurance rates. If you already have a good understanding of homeowners insurance, and you are just looking for rates, then use our home insurance quote system to find appealing rate quotes on your house.

This is how it works! Once you enter your zip code you will recieve several homeowners insurance quotes from different companies, then you can compare quotes to find the best policy for you by simply selecting a company of your choice? A valuable home insurance shopping tip is to be a smart consumer and homeowner at the same time, and unlike buying an automobile policy, a home policy relies more on the coverage then the actual price. Meaning that when you go to shop online for home insurance quotes please consider that cheaper coverage is not always the best policy. Our advice is to shop around and find the best coverage for the price so that you can protect your most valuable asset, your home. Did you know that North Carolna is the 35th out of the 50 highest average home insurance premiums in 2006 with a rate of $649? The renters insurance premiums in 2006 also have increased in Raleigh with an average rate of $144, making NC the 41st highest premium in the country. So keep in mind that home premiums may be higher than some states and that coverage is what you can count on when you need protection from fire, wind, and hail that often occur in the state of North Carolina.

A 2006 Insurance Research Council poll found that 96 percent of homeowners had homeowners insurance while 43 percent of renters had renters insurance.

Most renters choose not to cover their assets, but we have found that the ones that have had renters insurance have greatly enjoyed the added security and protection that a rental policy will provide in case of an incident.

Homeowners and tentant insurance since 1999 has increased 17.3% over a 9 year period. It is important to shop your home owners insurance Raleigh, NC coverage by using Insurance Raleigh to help you find better rates and coverages

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Getting an affordable policy for your house in Raleigh requires that you not only understand what goes into your homeowners policy, but that you also understand the value of your own house and what type of coverage you need for your home. If you have questions, you may want to have your questions ready to speak with one of our partnered home insurance companies that can help you find the policy that best fits your needs. To find out more information about your homeowners insurance in North Carolina you can visit the Property and Casualty Division of NCDOI (North Carolina Department of Insurance).

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