Raleigh Health Insurance And Unemployment Is On The Rise

Saturday 24th January 2009

Looking for Raleigh health insurance quotes? Well, you may want to consider since last week the state trust fund for unemployment health insurance benefits held just under $54.7 million. The reasons for the drop is because of the high number of initial insurance claims and most of all people are drawing unemployment benefits for a longer time than they used to. North Carolina paid out $160 million in benefits in December, but luckly for state citizens the ESC deputy chairman David Clegg said the fund is not in danger of running out of money.

Quarterly taxes are due from businesses Jan. 31, invoices that could bring in $100 million or more. And the ESC has a $540 million line of credit with the federal government that it can use, though Clegg said that has not been discussed at this point.

It seems that the market crunch for 2009 could greatly depend on the advantages of finding ways to save even more money then ever before. Many Raleigh citizens today are shopping insurance options, coverages, and policies to help save on car and home insurance. With gas prices soaring and unemployment on the rise the internet may be a savior to our economy on a local Raleigh level as well as nationa. With the use of the internet people have begun to shop for local Raleigh insurance policies online as well as jobs that offer benefits for working from home.